Referer List

If you have a webpage, a blog or an entire website, with Referer List you will be able to show on your pages where your visitors come from (the referring sites).
You'll just have to insert in a page the few lines of HTML code below and, without any configuration or registration, you'll have a list of the referrals of the day for that page.

Look at Referer List in action:

On the net you can find similar services, but this one is different because it does not require any registration and it works immediately after pasting the HTML code on the page!

Start using JockerSoft's Referrer List immediately! Copy the following HTML code and paste it without modifications in your web pages

If you wish, you can customize the appearance and the size of the list using style sheets (CSS):
Example and Instructions of Referer List with CSS

NOTE: do not use Referer List in pages whose URL contains session variables or other random variables that modify the base address: Referer List cannot distinguish these variables and won't be able to return accurate statistics for the page.

How is this possible? When requesting a page, browsers send several data, including the HTTP_REFERER header, and this is used by Referer List to know where your visitor comes from. Some browser extensions or firewalls block or change this piece of info, so you might see several visitors with an unknown or fake referrer.

If you have any question/suggestion/comment/whateveryouwish, write me in the forum

If you are interested in a complete statistics service, more powerful and detailed, take a look at The Counter (temporarely suspended)