To customize the aspect of your referer list, you can insert in the page some CSS rules.

Elements created by referer list have the following unique ids:

JSRef_top = the header that contains 'Today referrals:'
JSRef_cen = contains the whole list. Here you can specify the max width to limit the size of the list.
JSRef_num = style of the hits number
JSRef_sit = style of the referral URL
JSRef_bot = the bottom


Tthe following CSS rules, if inserted in the HTML code before the referer list,...

<style type="text/css">
border-color: #E24CD0; border-width:1px;
border-style:dashed; border-bottom-style:none;
border-bottom-color:#000066; border-bottom-style:dotted;
overflow: auto; width: 300px; border-color: #E24CD0; border-width:1px; 
border-style:dashed; border-top-style:none;
} .JSRef_num{ color:#000066; } .JSRef_sit{ font-size:small; font-style:italic; } .JSRef_bot{} --> </style> <!-- END REFERER LIST STYLES -->

...will modify the aspect of the list as follows:

Referer List

Add now to your site the list of referring sites of the day! Show your user (and yourself) how many and which sites talk about you.
Copy the HTML code you can find on the referers list home and paste it without modifications in your web pages.